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Open Face is a boutique firm, we hand stitch Corporate films to suit our customers' requirements. We convert input from our customers into output as films, and also think of the outcome that our customers can derive.

We write scripts, storyboard, and render effective video solutions for corporate and marketing stories that generate a visual and emotional impact.

A house of CREATIVES

We are a team of creative people who take your requirements and blend them into powerful messages...films

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

Writer, Director and a producer.

Chief Story Teller @ Open Face.

Pavan is a story teller. He unleashed his creative juices by telling stories through short films on social topics. He was soon featured in newspapers for his impactful story telling.

He nailed it down further by getting a formal degree in film making from New York Film Academy from New York City, and an advertizing degree from MICA.

He bid adieu to his high-flying Corporate career to pursue his passion. His friends fondly call him as a Corporate drop-out. He is proficient in making corporate films, TV commercials, or any film through which he can tell a story.

He holds a bachleor degree in science and an MBA from NYIT.In his previous Avatar he worked for Wipro Technologies, GE, Oracle Corporation and Arvind Mills.

Our Journey

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